Sunday, January 24, 2010


Pancong cake is one of the kinds of speciality cakes from Betawi (Jakarta). It is one of the favorite snack cakes popular in the community. This cake is also suitable for serve at family gatherings. It is made of grated coconut and rice flour as main ingredients. If you are interested and want to try to make it yourself. Here you are, how to make it.


• 150 gr rice flour
• 200 ml warm water
• 1 old coconut fruit, scrape out the skin and then grated
• 2 sheets of pandanus leaves
• ½ teaspoon salt
• 200 ml of raw water
• 1 egg chicken


1. Make coconut milk of half of grated coconut with 200 ml of warm water, flitered.

2. Heat coconut milk over low heat, stirring, stirring constantly until steaming. Input 50 gr flour rice little by little, stirring constantly, until merged / dissolved. Add the pandan leaves and salt. Cook the coconut milk-flour mixture until boiling and thickened. Remove and set aside.

3. Prepare a medium bowl, input remaining rice flour and remaining grated coconut and stir well. Then pour the coconut flour dough (stage 2), stirring constantly until all of them together and smooth. Add 200 ml of water and chicken egg that have been shaken apart. Continue to stir until all ingredients well blended.

4. Prepare pancong shape-cookies. (If you do not have it, this pancong shape-cookies can be bought at the supermarket or at the regular grocery store). Heat the shape-cookies over medium heat while smeared evenly with a little cooking oil so the cake will not stick.

5. Pour 2 tablespoons of dough into each mold until all the boxes filled and closed mold (shape cookies). Bake on medium heat (approximately 10 minutes) until done, usually marked by dry out and get peeled off the cake edge of the mold and the top of cake has full of holes. Remove the cake in a way pried (dipancong, maybe that's why ir’s call as pancong cake), while still hot sprinkle with granulated sugar to taste. Repeat this step until all the ingredients out.

6. Now, your pancong cake ready to served. It’s better served immediately while warm.

Thank you very much.

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